SubBox is all about quality, freshness, farmer and customer satisfaction. Period.

We've spent the last 2 years developing personal relationships with close to 30 local small-scale farmers and their families from Manchar area (about 60 kms. from Pune). These partnerships are built on respect and trust as we're determined to help them grow. We pay them over and above the market rate so they can continue to grow the most nutritious and delicious produce. Each and every vegetable inside your vegetable box is “the chosen one” by the farmer himself. We deliver the vegetable box once a week to your doorstep/society gate.

At SubBox, we have taken a small initiative to reduce the food wastage in our country and that is by connecting customers with farmers. As our farmer network is limited, we want to limit the number of customers we serve too. Each week, we plan to sell our vegetable and fruit box to not more than 100 customers.

All orders will be taken at least 2-3 days in advance. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. To ensure limited but quality produce is grown by the farmer
  2. To ensure customer demand is fulfilled
  3. To ensure all of the farmer’s produce is sold

As per the family size, we have a few produce baskets to choose from -Small, Medium and Large. We change what's in them every week based on the season and what's coming in from our Farmers.

Our employees can take home extra produce to minimize waste (talk about hand inspection - we only give the best quality to our customers). 

Meet our Farmer

Sarthak Agro, Wayangani, Ratnagiri
Anish Farms, Ratnagiri
Kanade, Manchar